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  1. above all 最重要的是;尤其是

    • eg: Above all, we should recognize our strengths and weaknesses.
  2. first of all 首先;重要的是

    • eg: First of all, we should make education universal.
  3. after all 毕竟

    • eg: After all, no one knows me better than me.
  4. all in all 总之,整体来说

    • eg: All in all, Lifelong learning is essential to everyone.
  5. (not) ... at all 一点也(不)

    • eg: He didn't allow smoking in his room, actually he didn't allow his family to smoke at all.
  6. all over 到处,遍地

    • eg: I have stamps from all over the world.
  7. all around 整个那一带,到处

    • eg: Look at the companies all around you.

考点二:out of + n 常考介词短语

  1. out of style 过时的,不流行的

    • 反义短语:in style 流行的
  2. out of fashion 过时的

  3. out of date 过时的,过期的

  4. out of control 失去控制,不受约束

    • 反义短语:under control 处于控制之下
  5. out of order (机器,设备等)出故障;次序混乱,乱七八糟

    • eg:
      • My watch is out of order.
      • The room was out of order.
  6. out of breath 上气不接下气

  7. out of season 不合时宜

  8. out of condition 身体不好,情况欠佳

    • eg:
      • I'm out of condition.
  9. out of danger 脱离险境

  10. out of place 不在适当的位置;不适宜

  11. out of service 失效,停止运行

  12. out of sight 看不见的

  13. out of temper 发怒的 (lose one's temper)

  14. out of work 失业

考点三:under + n 常考介词短语

  • under control 处于控制之下,情况正常

  • under threat 受到威胁

  • under no circumstance 绝不,任何情况下都不

  • under dicussion 处于讨论之中

  • under consideration 在考虑之中

  • under age 未成年

  • under construction 在建设中

  • under investigation 在调查中

  • under repair 在修理中

考点四:介词 on 常考介词短语

  • on purpose 故意地

  • on duty 值班

  • on behalf of 代表

  • on account of 由于(原因)

  • on condition that... 在...条件下(条件状语从句连词)

  • on holiday 在度假

  • on the average 平均

  • on time 准时 (in time 及时)

  • on weekdays 在工作日 (at the weekends 在周末)

考点五:at 的常考介词短语

  • at least 至少

    • eg: You should write at least 120 words.
  • at first 当初,起初

    • eg: When he came for the interview, Sam felt nervous at first, but soon calmed down.
  • at the same time 与此同时

  • at the age of ... 在某人多少岁的时候...

    • eg: He could make a living at the age of seven.
  • at the cost of 以...为代价

  • at the expense of 以...为代价

  • at the sight of 一看见...就...

    • eg: Our hopes arose at the first sight of the doctor.
  • at the risk of 冒...险

  • at the thought of 一想起...

  • at a speed of 以...的速度


  • be angry with sb. 生某人的气

  • be angry about sth. 对某事生气

  • in the course of 在...过程中

  • as a result of 作为...的结果,由于(表原因)

  • by means of 借助...的手段,依靠...的方法

  • for the sake of 为了...起见

  • in that case 如果那样的话

  • in case 免得,以防(连词)

  • in no case 绝不,任何情况下都不

  • in any case 在任何情况下,不管怎样

  • for a moment 片刻,一下

  • in a moment 立即,马上,一会儿

  • for the moment 目前,暂时

  • at the moment 此刻

  • off the point 离题,不切要领

  • on the point 即将...时候;在...点上

  • to the point 中肯,切中要害(切题,离题)

  • in the point 就...而言

考点六:besides, except, but, except for

  1. besides 除...之外还有

    • 注意:包括所除的人或物
    • eg:
      • Besides his girlfriend, his mother also goes to see the movie.(表达含义:女朋友和妈妈都去看了电影)
      • Everyone has a girlfriend besides me.(表达含义:我跟大家都有女朋友)
  2. except (同类中)除去

    • 注意:不包括所除的人或物
    • eg:
      • Everyone has a girlfriend except me.(表达含义:大家都有女朋友,就我没有)
      • The shop is open every day except Monday.(表达含义:商店只有周一不营业)
  3. but 除了

    • 注意:不包括所除的人或物
    • eg:
      • I have no friend but you.(表达含义:除了你以外,我没有朋友)
      • I want nobody but you.(表达含义:除了你,我谁都不想要)
  4. except for 除了

    • 注意:不同类中除去某一细节 (except是同类中除去)
    • eg:
      • Your writing is good except for a few grammar mistakes.(除了一些语法错误以外,你的作文还是写的很好的)
      • The weather was good except for an occasional shower.(除了偶尔有阵雨外,天气很好)



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